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Welcome To Kuwait : Rolla

Rolla is a window cleaner solution produced in Kuwait


some people think that we need glass cleaner , but not so much , no one would buy a single bottle only in bundles
What some people do not understand , Window Glass cleaner maker or name doesn’t work if the glass is scratched , it would be still scratched no matter how much you pour the window cleaner solution on it

Welcome To Kuwait : Waleed

Waleed Toys

Waleed Toy Store

One of the Local shops in Kuwait , most toys aren’t original there , but they are cheap , and fulfill a lot of people needs , children who are used to American toys wouldn’t love it , because they don’t want a Barbie with Hijab but there a large percentage of parents who want toys that aren’t fully western and Waleed fulfill those needs

Do we have faith in Courts ?

So a Citizen and runner up for Election has file a complaint at the constitutional court demanding that Two of the Female candidates win be annulled


This isn’t the First time some file a complaint at the constitutional court because of Woman and the murky law , back in 2008 another Citizen filed a similar case and it was dismissed

BUT before you sound the trumpets of happiness and joy , you need to read why it was dismissed 2008

It was refused because it covered all districts which the current one seem to cover all its bases

now we have to wait and see what happen , would the court uphold the law ? or strike it down ?
and if it strike it down wouldn’t mean we need to dissolve the parliament ?