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A video Clip post

Freaky Dust Storm

Man , that was a hell of a Dust Storm , i woke up and still have dust in my eye from it

I hate people who have blinkers on , blinkers are used when you stop not while moving !

Anyway here are two pictures i took while driving and a video



The Punisher Extended Cut DVD

I was Reading about it and found this small information , this look intersting

Lionsgate has provided The Continuum with images from the upcoming The Punisher Extended Cut DVD, due in stores on Nov. 21.

In addition to 17 minutes of new footage integraed into the film, The Punisher Extended Cut also includes a unique extra — an animated version of “The Kuwait Scene,” which was originally slated to open the film but was never shot due to budgetary constraints.

Illustrated by The Punisher cover artist Tim Bradstreet, the impressionistic action sequence stars Thomas Jane and Russell Andrews. Viewers will have the option of playing the animation before the picture begins so the scene can be appreciated within its original planned context.

[Link] [Comics Continuum]