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Kuwait Airways and Iraqi Airways

It seem many people are missing what really happened and go for any stupid explanation

so here is the chronological order of what happened

08 august 1990 Iraq ( not Saddam ) invade Kuwait

?? ??? 1990 Iraq commandeered ten planes belonging to Kuwait Airways [Link English]

?? ??? ???? Kuwait win the longest running litigation in the English Commercial Court), the claims have resulted in judgments in favour of Kuwait Airways for over US$1.2 billion. [Link English][can’t find date]

25 October 2010 Kuwait win Canadian court order to seize Iraqi Airways assists [Link English]

28 May 2010 Kuwait Win Jordanian Court Order to Seize Iraqi Airways assists [Link English]

01 June 2012 Kuwait Airways Chairman claim that ” State-owned Kuwait Airways will not make any concessions or give up a single fils in a row with neighbor Iraq over war reparations, its chairman said in remarks published on Wednesday ” [Link English]

23 October 2012 Kuwait Issue an Emiri Decree Agree to settle for 500 million Dollar [link Arabic][Link English]

Also before anyone say any other excuse , No this is not linked to the UN compensation , its a separate thing

لوقف التأليف و المعلومات المغلوطه هذه الايام هذي شرح بسيط لما حدث بتسلسل الاحداث

العراق (وليس صدام) يغزو الكويت 2 اغسطس 1990

العراق يستولي علي عشر طائرات تابعة لشركة الخطوط الجوية الكويتية ؟؟ ؟؟ ؟؟

الكويت تفوز بأطول قضيه تجاريه امام المحاكم التجاريه البريطانيه بتعويض يقدر بمليار و مائتي مليون دولار ؟؟ ؟؟ ؟؟
الكويت تفوز بمحكمة كندية بحكم يمكنها من مصادره املاك تابعه الخطوط الجوية العراقية 25 اكتوبر 2010

الكويت تفوز بمحكمة اردنيه بحكم يمكنها من مصادره املاك تابعه الخطوط الجوية العراقيه 25 مايو 2010

2012 الاول من يونيو
قال رئيس مجلس ادارة الخطوط الجوية الكويتية بأن مطالبات الخطوط الجوية الكويتية لن يتم تقديم أي تنازلات أو التخلي عن فلس واحد من تعويضات المطلوبه من الخطوط الجويه العراقيه

مرسوم اميري بتسويه الديون مع الخطوط الجويه العراقيه و قبول مبلغ خمسمائه مليون و اسقاط كافه الدعاوي في المحاكم الدوليه 23 اكتوبر 2012

و للعلم هذا الموضوع مفصول عن تعويضات الامم المتحده و هذه قضيه مفصوله

The Art of Wasting resources

Kuwait is amazing with Wasting of resources
and our lovely candidates aren’t far away from it

Lets give an example here

Aseel AlAwadi اسيل العوضي
has a Twitter account with a huge following (100,000+ )

but does she use it for her campain ? no , she create another account ( which had less than 400 followers when i was writing this post )

Why make a new account ? use your account ! clearly more people check YOUR account to know about YOUR campaign

speaking of creating new when old was good and working

She made a new site ( with no content yet )


which is strange since her old site is still working aseel

( not updated much )

If the candidate ( ex-member ) can’t focus his resources why would i trust he can do the same to Kuwait ?

Kuwait Internet Cap , or Why it is not as innocent as it looks

If you wondering what the Cap , then you should check Q8Cap Site to tell you better about it

Now I Believe that The current Hike in prices is an agreed on thing not only between ISP , but between ISP and The Ministry of Communication
Why you may ask ?

Because Back in 2007 , the MOC raised the price of Cable Usage for the ISP , 4 years ago , yet internet Subscription prices went down year after year
now The ISP raised the prices , and the reason most of them gave was the MOC prices

Ask your self this , if the problem was the price increase , why wait from 2007 till now to raise the price ? why did it go down in the first place in 2007 , 2008 , 2009 ?

Also Another Thing that the Companies keep on saying
They say we can’t do anything to MOC , really we going that way ?
lets take one of the companies as an example


What names on the company as partners ?

Khalid Ali Alghanim ( Listed as General Manager )
( son of the Head of the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce )
Shiekah AlBahar ( Listed as a Partner )
( CEO of National Bank of Kuwait )
Marzouq AlGhanim ( Listed as a Partner )
( Parliament Member for over 3 terms )

among others

Clearly the company isn’t run by unknown people , or immigrants
so when they say they can’t talk to the Minister they are just making up excuses

When the companies say they don’t have a voice , they are also thinking that we are dumb or forget
Back in August 1999 , AlRai newspaper ran a big campaign to expose the MOC as corrupt , because KEMS was getting favors Qualitynet and Fasttelco didn’t get back then

that campaign ended with the Under-Secretary back then , out of the ministry !

Now we have established two thing

1- The companies aren’t weak
2- They don’t lack the voice

Now you need to ask your self , why are they doing this now ?

The Right answer In my opinion is because its an agreement between them and MOC , they pressure US the USERS , we pressure the MOC , the MOC reduce the Prices ( set in 2007 ) and they all win

If you ask why they do that and not just get the MOC to reduce the price , You forgot Kuwait politics , The MOC want something to defend it self , because if they reduce the price because the companies asked , they will face a backlash from parliament members , but now they can claim it was the people that demanded it

One shinning example of one of the Major Kuwaiti problem

alaan [Arabic] ( kuwaiti online newspaper ) posted the answer provided by the Minster of publich health for the parliment member

The question was about the appointment of the health atachee in Germany
One part just show one major problem in Kuwait

ثالثاً: الطلبات المقدمة لشغل وظيفة ملحق صحي عدد (27) طلبا استبعد منها 18 طلبا لعدم استيفائهم للشروط الواردة بالقرار الوزاري رقم 60/ 2007 وقرار مجلس الخدمة المدنية رقم 7/ 1993 بشأن وظائف ومرتبات الأطباء الكويتيين :

Third , the number of application were 27 , 18 were excluded for not fulfilling the requirements which were published in the Ministry Decree 60/2007 , and the Decree of the Council of Civil Service commission number 7/1993

18 out of 27 , over 66% DIDN’T FULFILL THE REQUIREMENTS , they didn’t fail in the interview ( which is normal ) THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY YET THEY APPLIED NONE THE LESS

its clearly some didn’t bother to read the requirements or check if they meet it or not , which is a huge problem , and a lot it seem do not check or read before hand , and that is one thing can be solved with transparency, like in this example people can’t see they kicked more than half of the applicant just to interview their buddies , because we know why each one was refused