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something i found on the web and it was funny

One shinning example of one of the Major Kuwaiti problem

alaan [Arabic] ( kuwaiti online newspaper ) posted the answer provided by the Minster of publich health for the parliment member

The question was about the appointment of the health atachee in Germany
One part just show one major problem in Kuwait

ثالثاً: الطلبات المقدمة لشغل وظيفة ملحق صحي عدد (27) طلبا استبعد منها 18 طلبا لعدم استيفائهم للشروط الواردة بالقرار الوزاري رقم 60/ 2007 وقرار مجلس الخدمة المدنية رقم 7/ 1993 بشأن وظائف ومرتبات الأطباء الكويتيين :

Third , the number of application were 27 , 18 were excluded for not fulfilling the requirements which were published in the Ministry Decree 60/2007 , and the Decree of the Council of Civil Service commission number 7/1993

18 out of 27 , over 66% DIDN’T FULFILL THE REQUIREMENTS , they didn’t fail in the interview ( which is normal ) THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY YET THEY APPLIED NONE THE LESS

its clearly some didn’t bother to read the requirements or check if they meet it or not , which is a huge problem , and a lot it seem do not check or read before hand , and that is one thing can be solved with transparency, like in this example people can’t see they kicked more than half of the applicant just to interview their buddies , because we know why each one was refused

My Trip to Gitex 2010

So i went to Dubai to attend Gitex 2010 Last , should have posted this early but got sidetracked by many things

the Government section is HUGE , UAE are going full into the Digital Age , a lot of Government ministries and agency are giving a lot of services online , with many ways

From Iphone apps

to Cooperating with RIM to give service on the Black Berry for the Government

but it is not just services , they are trying to seed the way for more advanced and knowledgeable generation ( the role our government should be playing but they aren’t )

Black Berry keynote

MicroSoft was there to tout their own products like Windows 7 and mobile 7

Microsoft keynote

on another note, to take your mind about the sad , here are some humors

Intel booth , made me want to change my Chip

Intel booth at Gitex

Razor Booth , the girls were covered the the days after

Razor booth

Saudi Arabia Gitex , someone this should be filed under False advertising

Saudi Arabia Gitex booth

Oh and i managed to get my hand on Galaxy Tab , expect a Review of it soon

AlQabas Has Exclusive information !

this may come as a shock to many people , but its seem an Arabic newspaper from Kuwait has new that would send shock waves in the whole internet


يستعد نظام تشغيل «أندرويد» الذي صممته غوغل للهواتف الخلوية، كي يصبح هو نظام التشغيل المعتمد لهواتف «آي فون» من أبل

Android Operation system that was designed by Google for mobile is gearing up to be the approved operation system for Iphone Mobiles from Apple

Very shocking ! never expected this ! and nothing was mentioned of this information on any Tech site ! kudos AlQabas for this Exclusive information , a shinning example for news reporting in Kuwait

Writing History ? More like Destroying it

Well , I believe everyone saw Writing History AD for Nike ( for you who didn’t check it at youtube linked below )

Anyway , Who were on the Video as Stars ?
Didier Drogba ,Fabio Cannavaro ,Wayne Rooney ,Cristiano Ronaldo & Ronaldinho
whats common between them all ? they all failed their teams and their team exited the World Cup without Writing anything in History
( Drogba & Cannavaro exited first stage , Ronaldo & Rooney next stage , Ronaldinho wasn’t in the Squad ! )

Now can we say the add Jinxed their performance ? we may not know , until Messi die of food poisoning from KFC then it will be conformed 🙂