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Failed Joke ?

I follow The Daily Show , its a funny show most of the time

I was watching one episode when i noticed this Joke when they talked about Obama interview on the Al-Arabiya


Qatar Hero ? , it would have been funny if Al-Arabiya prodcasted from Qatar , but it doesn’t
it podcasted from Dubai

Creativity ? who need that …

I mean its Egypt after all

I was checking newspapers when i saw this [Link][Arabic]

يقوم ببطولة «العالمي» يوسف الشريف وأروى جودة وصلاح عبد الله ودلال عبد العزيز والوجه الجديد رحمة، وهو من إخراج أحمد مدحت وإنتاج السيناريست محمد حفظي، وسيناريو ياسين كامل.

تدور أحداث الفيلم حول مسيرة أحد لاعبي كرة القدم المصريين وبدايته في منطقة عشوائية، مروراً بما يتعرض له من عقبات ثم إنجازاته وإخفاقاته، قبل أن يصبح بعد ذلك لاعباً عالمياً.


The movie is about one of Egyptian Soccer Players and his start in a poor Area , and what he encounter until he become a world class player

Sound familiar right ? , if you didn’t remember yet check this Synopsis [Link][IMDB]

A poor Mexican family crosses the border to make a living in LA. The father believes in hard work and limited ambition, but son Santiago is a very talented footballer who dreams of playing at a top level. He is seen playing by a former player and scout for the leading English club Newcastle United. With help from his grandmother, Santiago follows his dream to Newcastle. The bulk of the film concerns his ups and downs there, and includes a lot of match action with top players.

Egyptians , unoriginal movies & titles ….

Kuwaiti Bloggers on TV

Seem the program ” Dewaniyat el Esboo ” ( the setting of the week ) has done an episode about blogging which should apear on KTV sometimes on april

Gulf blogging scene on Kuwait TV


Bloggers who are going to apear on the show

1. Ziyad Al-Du’aij of Kuwait Unplugged
2. Bader Al-Fraih of Saviour Machine
3. Shurouq Modhaffar of Jabriya Za7ma
4. Qutayba Al-Rub’ii of Kuwaitism
5. Jassim Al-Qamis
6. Mohammed Al-Yousifi

Story from Mahmood Den

Arab Zombies

If you play Video games or watch movies you must of heard of the word Zombie

A Zombie is purportedly a dead person whose body has been re-animated. [Wikepedia]

You have seen them on Video Games like Resident Evil and Rising Dead and movies like Resident Evil , Army of Darkness & Evil Dead series

Now You wonder why i’m talking about this , well i went to kuwait stock market today to finish some papers and i saw couple of people who walk around like zombies

Which brought up the idea , do arab mythology has zombies ? i never read about it before , and what would we call them ?
Not only that , but if English zombies call out for Brains ” braiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnns ” what would the arab ones call for ?


What if there was a Zombie outbreak in kuwait ? are we Ready for something like that ? is our Police Force / Army Trained on Dealing with zombies ?