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Election and Blogs ( part one of many )

So the Election is back upon us again ( in less than a year none the less )

And it seem there is more interest this year in blogs than the election before it
two example i saw recently which draw my attention

First off , we have a candidate from Jahra , who even featured the blog in his Ad in the newspaper
and unlike the second example , is very active , but he need to talk more about what he is going to do , connect with his potential voters , not an article dump


The other example is Aseel AlAwadi , she had a blog but since the last election it was collecting dust and just posted a video saying she is going to go into this election also , waste of use of connecting to future and current supporters


Blog links for who want to check it out

55th Bloggers Meeting , who came ?

While i don’t post much about Blogger meeting , i attend most of them whenever i can

On Wensday feburary 18th we had the 55th blogger meeting , it was a mix of new and old faces

Attendance were
Tat The Don
Khalid Al-Zanki
and this gentleman who i can’t read his handwriting ( I’m really bad with reading connected english words )

Too many Topic were talked about , among them were
– Banking crisis in Kuwait
– Marketing
– Food making
– Studying abroad
– Masters in Gulf and in London / USA

Next meeting is hopefully ( ان شاء الله ) on the 7th of March