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kuwait , my great country ( at least in my eye ) it has its up and downs , but its still my country

cyber freedom of speech in kuwait

some people talked about a blog that got banned here in kuwait by all kuwait ISP

I went around and started checking , and i couldn’t enter it from my ISP and i tried another ISP , same result

so i said to my self , why not try to check on smartfilter URL checker
since its the software some of our ISP use here in kuwait Qualitynet

and what i got ?

List Date: Fri Apr 1 (List: 346)
Hate Speech, Politics/Opinion, Profanity, Sexual Materials, Gruesome Content

like woha ! the blog did suck , but it had it funny moments , i thought it was bad ! but not that bad !
and not only the page is going to get blocked in kuwait , but by all ISP or companies or houses that use
smartfilter products ( which i was told there are a lot )

to compare i had one of the blogs i link to checked , brother Q
it came out as Personal Pages
( Zaydoun with all his political talk still came out as personal pages also )

do you think the ISP had the right to report him as such ?

where do you draw the line ? porn ? flashing breasts ? hair ? uncovered face ?

( i’m not linking to the blog that was banned , he seem to have removed it , but its still in the database )

political Rhyme

some silly thing i want to post ( it been in my mind for two days , i wanted it out )

click the midi file to play while reading the Rhyme

Al Baghdadi sat on freedom wall
Al Baghdadi had a great fall
All the Taliban’s horses
And all the elected men
Didn’t want to put Al Baghdadi together again

one silly thing out of mind , ∞ to go

bloggers meeting (2)

today was the kuwaiti bloggers meeting , tatabotata chose souk Sharq starbucks , it was crowded , i think it sucks much

and he didn’t come ! we couldn’t tell him how much the place sucked.

not much pictures this time also , i was soo taken by coversation i forgot to take pictures , not to mention that my laptop WiFi card ( which i changed after the last one stoped working ) was missing its drivers and i didn’t install them before


anyway , this time we had
Nibaq or as some call him blogging godfather
Bloboz the man with crazy thought , the man you always agree with , the blogger who everyone enjoy his posts they steal it
busynow who didn’t bring his psp to tease us ( thank god )
also Sam was there

As always, discussion after discussion, we had fun , learned some intresting stuff

view of the night from where i was setting

Liberation tower

thanks for the fun night blogpals© 🙂

geeky names ?

of course i don’t think anyone would do that here in kuwait , since it seem like everyone should the name pool in the family and try not to go out of it
most are named on his father father name or his mother father name , same goes for female names
i’m not out of that tradition

but in the USA , my god they use some truly geeky names
for example we have Optimus Prime , who serve in the national guard
and now we have Firiona Vie , named after a character from sony online game Everquest

what geeky name would you want to name your child ?

Kuwait Vs Uzbekistan

yes today at 8 Pm local time kuwait national soccer team play Uzbekistan to try and reach world cup 2006 .

Today is very important for the national team , if they win they increase thier chance to go on and reach 2006 world cup in germany

If they lose , the golden chance is lost , and it would another to point to add to the shame and faliure list of the
Kuwait football Association
Kuwait football Association

good luck Al-Azraq ( الازرق ) , hopefully i can come and take some picture for you people to watch 😛