I was introduced to Everquest around April 2000 by a friend of mine , his brother was in the USA and he came
back and showed us the game , since i always heard that On-line game is fun , and i never tried it before ( the only ISP in Kuwait back then wasn’t that great of a service , and i couldn’t play any on-line game ) so i bought The game and started playing

i Created a paladin , and tried to name him Saladin , but the name was taken , so i tried , salahdin & salah aldean , same thing
so i just went with Shehab Aldean

I was playing on Fennin Ro Server , i stopped playing Everquest around may 2002 , that was before i got into a new job , everquest was becoming boring , my guild stop going any further in the game , it couldn’t handle any more breakup and members leaving