Who is forzaq8 ?

Well forzaq8 is a Kuwaiti male, Single
Got a diploma in computer science, work in the government as data entry
Working on my bachelor of business majoring in management information system got it 🙂

My interest is internet, I can spend hours upon hours on the internet, either downloading or playing online games

I played more than one game , played everquest for 2 years ( don’t ask , it was a long time … ) also I’m playing City of hero’s from time to time , Then Played a Lot of Warcraft and Aion , now back to RTS games

Played a lot of video games on all console its hard to list them all , I don’t play games to be the best , I play to have fun ( that’s why I never finished any of grand theft auto games )

Of course I do have other interests , for a long time ( I would say since 1991 ) I collect stamps , I hope one day to scan all of my stamps and have them on the net ( that idea was in my mind since 1996 yet too lazy to do it )

I started this blog as a way to introduce my views and what I find on the internet and what I watch on TV to others, it’s hard to talk about this stuff with most people I know

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