Mini F.A.Q

  • why are posting in English and not in Arabic ?
  • One of the target of my blog is to have more practice in writing English, not to mention their isn’t much English sites that speak about some topic I talk about

  • I can’t Write English that good, can I comment in Arabic ?
  • no problem, you can comment on either Arabic or English, but remember when you comment in Arabic some of the blog reader may not be able to read Arabic, so if you were giving a new angel to a subject or showing a fact they may not get that .

  • your site / pictures sucks !
  • I never said I was a pro writer or photographer, yes my stuff may be of lower standard that what you would read in Shakespeare or see in the louver museum but hey, its mine and I’m proud of it

  • When do you Update and post ?
  • I post when ever i can , or when ever i have a topic , sometimes i have a topic yet hold it for a bit before i post it