Lord of the Rings

Do you think there would be any trilogy like it ? star wars was great , but lucas is keen on killing it .
some would say that The Chronicles of Narnia would be the same , if not better , WETA ( the same company that did Lotr effects ) are working on the movie for disney WETA Featurette of what they did
of course one problem some people have with The Chronicles of Narnia is that C.S. Lewis was trying to write stories to promote Christian principles in it , i didn’t read the books ( yet ) but i’m thinking of getting them soon and reading them , according to people who did read it he isn’t trying to shove religion down your throat .

any way , i ordered The Lord of the Rings – The Motion Picture Trilogy (Special Extended DVD Edition)

after some time in shipping it reached kuwait

and let me tell you , it had 12 sweet dvd in them , with interviews and extra clips , which make you feel sad it didn’t come with the original movie ( its not like they would show a movie over 3 hours in KNCC but thats another rant )
i’m enjoying my time , only problem i don’t have that much time to watch them all ( the DVD is in living room , and i like to watch movies without side talk or noise ) i should change one of the house rooms into a Cenima room maybe بو مريوم at grafika can Design something 🙂

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