Where did Daiso go ?

I was driving by industrial Shuwaik today , so i said to my self i’ll go check Daiso since sometimes i get stuff from there that i can’t find else where

But when i got to where Daiso is i found this


Where did Daiso go ?

One thought on “Where did Daiso go ?”

  1. DAISO
    1) SALMIYA
    Al Souk Salmiya. City Centre ground floor. Phone 965 25712250 / 208.
    Maghateer Centre a 5 stories building. With name written only in arabic, just ask for
    Maghateer Centre. Daiso is inside on the third floor. In front of the Farwaniya Co Operative.
    Phone 965 24745107. near Farwaniya police dpt
    A second store just a few steps from the other. Located underground of Al Samaam Centre
    behind the Farwaniya Co Operative. Phone 965 24745371. near Farwaniya police dpt
    4) JAHRA.
    In Jarha city. Al Mikhal Mall. Phone 24577309.

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