Random Dusty Items …

* Its too much dusty outside
and i’m bored

how bored ? this bored


* Just saw the interview on Alrai TV with two Bloggers , one big disaster … clearly there is a schism in blogger community , and i have no idea how to repair it ..
Should Kuwait blog start to call every blogger and remind them we have a community ? don’t they read the safat ?

* Using a 32Inch LCD TV as a PC monitor wasn’t a good idea

* My Eye hurt , and i don’t know if its from the TV or the dust outside

* I need a fake beard and a Sun / Moon Custom , any idea where to get those items ?

* I was riding with a friend in his car , and he has his Ipod on shuffle , and we got U2 ” its a beautiful day ” , then Will smith ” its here and i like it ” , and then Sting ” Brand new day ” I’m thinking that Ipod was a bastard , more proof that Apple = Devil

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