The Traveling Kuwait Towers

So i was sitting at my office when my father called me and gave me a eBay listing , saying ” BUY THIS , it has Kuwait towers”

i check the listing and find this

and i couldn’t believe it , there it was the Kuwait towers in the picture of the Kazakhstani banknote , i thought it was a mistake and i ordered it anyway , and forgot about it

then they arrive and i check and the Kuwait towers are THERE !!

after some search i found this pictures on the internet


Now its more mystery ! i don’t know what is , it seem like a big monument , but why would they add a monument for Kuwait towers ?

One thought on “The Traveling Kuwait Towers”

  1. Hello dear,

    Because Kuwait has built the building there behind the Kuwaiti Towers sculpture, and the building is the municipality council. So that why they appreciated Kuwait by putting KT sympol there and on the banknote. Thanks.

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