What is wrong with United States Embassy in Kuwait ?

I’m not sure what the problem with them is, but they act undiplomatic

First they host an Unlawful event

as the event organizer posted at mark blog

The event is a car customizing contest for the best styled cars in Kuwait and it is hosted by SAMCO and in collaboration with the US Embassy and the Ambassador Ms. Deborah Jones will be hand picking this year the winner, runner up and third place position.

The event is about Car customizing, which is BANNED under Kuwaiti law ( i don’t care if it is reasonable or right , I’m talking about now )


Article 36 of Traffic laws
121 Adding Extra Parts to the main Vehicle parts
154 Putting Writing
155 Putting Stickers

Just to name a few

And now the 2009 Report on International Religious Freedom [Link] Is released and they name one writers as a holocaust denier, really? Is that what the Embassy does? Check every columnist and see what they say?

Why would they care if he was a denier or not ? its not a crime in the USA as far as i know

You know what would be the best responce ? Host that writer at an event in the Kuwait Embassy in Washington DC ! yeah take that !

*Picture Credit Don Veto

Where are the cops when you need one

Now we hear of the despicable attack on Zaid AlZaid , Alaan Publisher , It shows that there are people who can’t accept others opinions and can’t discuss it in a civil way.

Where are the police ? why don’t they patrol these area’s ? or they want just to cover the people inside and write what they say only ?

We always hear the phrase
“The Police are in the service of the people”

But not in Kuwait It seem, where the police are doing random stuff like stopping people from going offRoading or installing speed camera’s

Security is more important, you need to make people safe
Everyone keeps on saying we live in safety unlike this or that country, I’m afraid we are moving closer to those countries, When people are getting insulted on TV and you can’t do a thing, when you get attacked and no one care to do anything to stop future attacks, and then we are living in a jungle

Kuwait Blogging Workshop

The International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)*, in association with a group of active and experienced bloggers, is sponsoring a workshop on September 28 in Kuwait. The event will be held at the Marina Hotel at 7pm.

The workshop will provide local bloggers and members of the public interested in on-line media and citizen journalism with the opportunity to learn more about issues affecting freedom of expression and the internet in Kuwait. Panelists and participants will discuss:

The growth of blogging in Kuwait
The effect of blogging on public debate and the traditional media
How to create and maintain a successful blog
Legal concerns and restrictions on bloggers

The panalists:

Bader Al-Furaih (founder of Kuwait blogs and Safat)

Reem Al-Shammari

Abdullatif Al-Omar

Hasan Ramadan

Zayed Al-Zaid

Mohammed AbdulQader Al-Jasem

to register in the event please go to:
the event is open for everyone to attend, we expect and look forward for your participation
for more information please contact 66189918

9 9 9

So today is ninth of September year 2009, or 9/9/2009

Nice number and a load of bloggers and newspaper writers have noticed the discrepancy between the implication of the date in Kuwait and Dubai

While Dubai is opening (or has opened depending on what time I post this) it’s new Metro Lines
Yes part of it not finished (10 stations out of 29 in the green line, red line to be opened late 2010) but you know what? They went ahead and opened it

But here in Kuwait, we keep blaming the Parliament (Majlis) for all our problems, why? I never understand, the government could have done everything, and still do everything wrong with or without the parliament, even things that the parliament didn’t intervene with they still trip and fall and blunder

It sadness me each time I read the newspapers or browse the blogs , not only we are sinking deeper and deeper , but even most people do not get it , logic is missing , and it seem everyone has no problem with it , parliament members demanding a minister to do his job ? They are labeled as personalizes, parliament members demanding a special session to discuss the problem of H1n1 (swine flu) they get label as trouble makers,

Newspapers instead of pointing the blame to the ones who are to blame, blame people who read Quran, really? That is the problem? The government has a prize for Quran reader? So if we canceled that suddenly we are going to beat Singapore?
If you think we are in disparate need of a prize for things other than Quran why not do one? Start one? Start a campaign for one? Or you just want the government to give money as always

I was going to work on a side project for the blog , but because I didn’t want it to be redundant I’m not going ahead with it , and working on a new one ( the reason of lack of posting lately )

Bloggers Awards

So we have a writer in AlJarida saying we should have a new Award for bloggers in the name of Abdullatif AlDuaij

الكاتب الالمعي الوشيحي بجريده الجريده مقترح جائزه للمدونيين بإسم عبداللطيف الدعيج

حمل الأخرى اسم عبداللطيف الدعيج وتخصص للمدونين الكويتيين

And another carrying the name of Abdullatif AlDuaij for Kuwaiti Bloggers

So a Blogger Award in his name ? do you you even read this guy articles ?
lets see what we have

جائزه بإسمه ؟ من صجه هذا ؟ خل نشوف مع بعض نموذج او عينه من الي قاله عن المدونات من قبل


When no one ask him or anyone before him did it , he classify bloggers as Shia and Sunna and throw Random statistic out of his mind about how many Shia bloggers

بدون ما احد يسأله او احد يسويها من قبله يقرر فرز المدونات علي اساس طائفي
و يطلع احصائيه من مزاجه عن المدونيين الشيعه


Called bloggers follower and dogs

يتهم المدونيين انهم تبع امن الدوله لأنهم هاجموا ربعه

so after all his misconception about blogs what we expect from his award ?

Best Shia Blogger ?
Best Political post by a suni blogger ?
Best Muslim brotherhood mocking post by a Nationalist Blogger ?

بعد كل هالافتراءات شنو بالله بتكون الجائزه ؟

افضل مدون شيعي ؟
افضل تدونيه سياسه من سني ؟
افضل ضغطه سياسه علي اخونجيه من مدون وطني ؟

blog award