Never Forget

Logic would say the day 2-8-1990 is a day Kuwait shouldn’t forgot

But it seem its getting forgotten as years pass by

Is it mentioned in our Class Rooms? No

What happened to the monuments that were about the invasion? All removed but two (one of them very small they forgot about it)

The Government isn’t doing any Official thing about this day, even a Vigil would be accepted at this point, but alas, there isn’t any high official in Kuwait these days all are out of the country

Never Forget

Writing a new Chapter in Life

So I sit here, at work, writing this post

I’m taking a long vacation, longer than my normal vacations, and I’ll be back to blogging soon

For you see, my life is changed now, am no longer single, I’m now married
Some of you may know my lovely wife, her blog is Ra7alah 🙂

For you following “welcome to Kuwait series”
The series is going to continue after I return from the vacation
See you all later 🙂

Case Followup

followup on the case before

Today the High court would look into the cases presented in front of it
So today is first hurdle the complaint must fast
If the court doesn’t strike it out but deem it worthy of checking, then it would be presented in another sessions
and would define the term ( acceptable ) in the women clothing part at election and parliment

Welcome To Kuwait : Rolla

Rolla is a window cleaner solution produced in Kuwait


some people think that we need glass cleaner , but not so much , no one would buy a single bottle only in bundles
What some people do not understand , Window Glass cleaner maker or name doesn’t work if the glass is scratched , it would be still scratched no matter how much you pour the window cleaner solution on it