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Political Lies in Kuwait

من الاقوال المأثوره ، اذا رددت كذبه كثيرا فإنها تصبح الحقيقة
هناك كذبتين اجد العديد يعيدها هذا الايام

هذا المجلس ( ما يدعوا بصوت واحد ) هو اصغر بإعمار اعضاءه من العجائز من المجلس المنحل
و هذا المجلس افضل تعليميا من المجلس المنحل

حسنا لننظر الي الارقام

المجلس المنحل ذا متوسط عمر 49.7
مجلس ابو صوت متوسط عمر 50.6

المجلس المنحل كان به 13 حامل للدكتوراه ، 7 ماجستير ، 1 دبلوم عالي ، 21 جامعي ، 2 دبلوم ، 3 ثانويه ، 1 متوسطه
مجلس ابو صوت به 8 حامل للدكتوراه ، 8 ماجستير ، 1 دبلوم عالي ، 20 جامعي ، 4 دبلوم ، 6 ثانويه ، 1 متوسطه

مجلس ابو صوت ليس بأصغر سنا و لا اعلي تحصيلا علميا
هذا قد لا يؤثر علي اداءه ولكن اذا ارت ان تقول عن شيء انه حقيقه ، تأكد منه اولا

It said that If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth
Well Two lies i see people repeating time after time nowadays

The Parliament Age is younger than the one in Feb 2012
The Parliament has higher Education levels than the one in Feb 2012

Now we have the numbers , and what do they say ?

Feb 2012 Parliament Average age 49.7
one vote Parliament Average age 50.6

So not Younger

Next lie
Feb 2012 Parliament had 13 PHD 7 MBA 1 high Diploma 21 Bachelor 2 Diploma 3 high school 1 elementary
one vote Parliament had 8 PHD 8 MBA 1 high Diploma 20 Bachelor 4 Diploma 6 high school 1 elementary

Yeah Feb 2012 Parliament has higher Education levels

Those Two factors doesn’t determine how good it is , but still , a if you going to throw it around as a fact , Fact Check it first

The Art of Wasting resources

Kuwait is amazing with Wasting of resources
and our lovely candidates aren’t far away from it

Lets give an example here

Aseel AlAwadi اسيل العوضي
has a Twitter account with a huge following (100,000+ )

but does she use it for her campain ? no , she create another account ( which had less than 400 followers when i was writing this post )

Why make a new account ? use your account ! clearly more people check YOUR account to know about YOUR campaign

speaking of creating new when old was good and working

She made a new site ( with no content yet )


which is strange since her old site is still working aseel

( not updated much )

If the candidate ( ex-member ) can’t focus his resources why would i trust he can do the same to Kuwait ?

Case Followup

followup on the case before

Today the High court would look into the cases presented in front of it
So today is first hurdle the complaint must fast
If the court doesn’t strike it out but deem it worthy of checking, then it would be presented in another sessions
and would define the term ( acceptable ) in the women clothing part at election and parliment