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Kuwait ask for crackdown on Internet Freedom

There is an old Arabic saying
“if freedom was raining , slaves will carry umbrellas ”

There is a raising call for internet censorship in Kuwait , and here are couple of examples

هنالك مقوله عربيه قديمة
” اذا امطرت السماء حرية فإن بعض العبيد سيمسكون بالمظلات ”

٭ الحكومة رصدت لوزارة المواصلات مبلغ 5 ملايين دينار منذ سنوات عدة لإنشاء مقسم يراقب كل خطوط الإنترنت وما زال المشروع متوقفا لأسباب غير معروفة وان كان يقال ان صراع المتنفذين هو من أوقف ذلك المشروع.

لكثير يعتقد أن تركيب تلك المعدات والأجهزة الحديثة ستراقب مكالماتهم ورسائلهم وهي أمر غير صحيح لأن الأجهزة تبحث عن شخصية مستخدم الموقع وليس معرفة الرسائل التي يبثها.

مجلس الوزراء عليه التدخل لإجبار وزارة المواصلات على إنشاء ذلك المقسم للحد من قضايا الإنترنت المجهولة.


The government has allocated five million dinnars years ago to establish a switch to monitor all internet lines and this project is still on hold for reasons unknown , some say it because of struggle between parties

A lot think that setting up those modern equipment would monitor their calls and messages but in fact it is untrue because the equipment look for the user and not the content of the messages
the Ministers council should intervene to force the ministry of Communication to establish that switch to stop anonymous internet cases


Another comes from a lawyer

[Translation]to the minster of Interior and Minister of communication , the solution is in your hands , install the device and stop all these problem facing citizen from insults and degrading and today threats

And now with the new Communication rule thrown in , it seem the age of limited Internet Freedom in Kuwait is going to go offline

و الان مع ظهور قانون الاتصالات الجديد يبدوا ان حتي الحريه المحدوده للإنترنت في الكويت علي وشك ان تختفي

TV series : Omar

I normally do not watch TV in Ramadan , very poor Arabic drama
but this Ramadan i watched ( online ) the new series Omar , about the second caliph Omar Ibn AlKatab from MBC & Qatar Tv
( they have it on youtube channel and their site [Arabic][Arabic with English sub] )

So after i watched the whole series , i think its one great series , yes its not as good as some HBO series , but remembering this is a 30 episode series and not just a limited series , and its very close to the quality

It does have some drawbacks

– Some Fight scene ( Swords or elephants ) aren’t done very good , most are good , but they need more practice
– Sometimes they use voice over , and you can notice it , not sure why sometimes they do use it
– The Series has to much characters , you will get confused sometimes
– The scenes with the prophet ( peace be upon him ) just stall , and dampen the flow, some actors look shocked to act to a camera

The good
– It does seem to stick to the books , as an avid reader i saw some stuff missing , which is acceptable since this is about Omar not the other characters , but nothing much added
– they try to sneak in couple of good advice from time to time ( kind like a Public service announcement )

How good i think the series is ?
after i watched it all online , i’m waiting for the DVD / Blu-ray , that is how good is it

The Art of Wasting resources

Kuwait is amazing with Wasting of resources
and our lovely candidates aren’t far away from it

Lets give an example here

Aseel AlAwadi اسيل العوضي
has a Twitter account with a huge following (100,000+ )

but does she use it for her campain ? no , she create another account ( which had less than 400 followers when i was writing this post )

Why make a new account ? use your account ! clearly more people check YOUR account to know about YOUR campaign

speaking of creating new when old was good and working

She made a new site ( with no content yet )


which is strange since her old site is still working aseel

( not updated much )

If the candidate ( ex-member ) can’t focus his resources why would i trust he can do the same to Kuwait ?

Angelina Jolie Pass by Kuwait ?

Its been reported that Angelina Jolie is going to be playing the part of Gertrude Bell [Gertrude Bell Archive][Wikepeida]

Now Gertrude Bell passed by Kuwait in her travels , she is more known for her work in Iraq , there are mentions of Kuwait in her diaries

Why i bring that up you may wonder , its just reminded me of the idea i had long time ago , of a movie based on another traveler , Alan Villiers book ” Sons Of Sindbad”


I think a movie based on this book would be more interesting that a story about a British archaeology lady ( since its not the other one with dual guns )
having read the book many times , the book has its share of action , drama , suspense and a little bit of comedy

hell it has its controversies also ( which the both the Arabic translator and Kuwait editor of the English version object to )

I hope one day someone do a movie based on this book ( or better yet , Me )

another item to add to long term projects

Internet ? Why think of it!

So we have a new newspaper in kuwait
” ALKUWAITIAH  الكويتية “
Which may sound good and all , after all we are up to number 14 right now
But the guys who picked out the name clearly have not thought of the internet at all
Why you ask ? Very easy
Search for it name in google ,

ah yes you are using a description ( the nationality ) as a name of your newspaper , if i search for
” جريده كويتيه ”
name on google i’ll get the others first , not them because they are all kuwaiti newspaper  !!

Brilliant as always