Angelina Jolie Pass by Kuwait ?

Its been reported that Angelina Jolie is going to be playing the part of Gertrude Bell [Gertrude Bell Archive][Wikepeida]

Now Gertrude Bell passed by Kuwait in her travels , she is more known for her work in Iraq , there are mentions of Kuwait in her diaries

Why i bring that up you may wonder , its just reminded me of the idea i had long time ago , of a movie based on another traveler , Alan Villiers book ” Sons Of Sindbad”


I think a movie based on this book would be more interesting that a story about a British archaeology lady ( since its not the other one with dual guns )
having read the book many times , the book has its share of action , drama , suspense and a little bit of comedy

hell it has its controversies also ( which the both the Arabic translator and Kuwait editor of the English version object to )

I hope one day someone do a movie based on this book ( or better yet , Me )

another item to add to long term projects

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