Where is the Creditability AlQabas ?

So AlQabas has this section with comments on Ramadan programs , during the last week of Ramadan they started using Tweets from Kuwaitis commenting on Ramadan programming

Some Tweeters were not amused that they just used the Tweets without Credits

So AlQabas just decided to write the name of the tweeter but no the link or the user name he use so you you will have to search and search to find him
for example today they have [Link][Arabic Pdf]
and here [Link][Arabic Pdf]

and i’m who is this Sara ? have you tried searching for just sara on Twitter ?
But hey , its Traditional newspaper in Kuwait , and for some reason they hate Internet

Then in today Issue today they list some comedy tweets about Qaddafi and what i see ? [link][Arabic PDF]

Wait a minute ? why every Twitter user is listed here and not just names and let search as you been doing for Kuwaiti users ?
Do the other Arabic Twitter User deserve recondition but Kuwaiti do not ?

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