Analyzing Ramadan 2011 TV ad : Qualitynet

I think a lot have seen the New Qualitynet Ad for Ramadan

( if embed didn’t work , try this link QualityNet Ramadan Ad )

What it seem is that Qualitynet have no idea what they paid for , first its not an ad for their service , the director was going for a comedy sketch , not to mention it show Qualitynet service as bad

lets dissect this ad

First guy ask his maid to Make an Egg-omelette for him and what does she says ( while clicking on the laptop )
“We don’t have ” ” ماكو ”

What is she is “We don’t have ” , not i don’t want to , but we don’t have
So they are missing something to make Egg-omelette
and since the maid is internet Savvy , she can use Laptop , she was going to order egg
but since the man seem to be in the mood of Youtube he blow all his bandwith cap and she couldn’t reach taw9eel Page

This guy is working in a company ( clear from the setting ) , and he says the project is finished and he keep on asking for more time to send it to the other guy
Qualitynet introduced Smart connection for businesses [AlQabas][Arabic]
So this guy is suffering

Now this is a student , who is trying to access his e-mail but can’t , and keep asking his private tutor for a bit more time
So its slow for him also , AKa he has slow Service

And before you say maybe that is them suffering before , no at the end of the AD , they all appear and say
“Our Speed is Qualitynet , nothing is like it ”

So to recap
The Director made a Couple short comedy sketch’s
The Ad tell us Qualitynet services are bad
The Ad tell us people in Kuwait don’t care about bad service they are still happy

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