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Galaxy Tab

So at Gitex Shopper 2010 i bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab

And as promised in the Last Post about Gitex , here is a Review about it


First of All i bought it for 3,900 UAE dirhams , my Visa statement said that is equal to 250 KD , and that price is for a Tab with no contract ( You could buy one from Etisalat UAE for 1900 with the 1 year Internet Contract )

Its a 7 inch tablet , here it is with my Nexus one for size comparison


with Android operating system , 16 Gb Model , the one i had was loaded with fryo 2.2 with a Middle East Build

the Build

Sadly that build has some drawbacks

– No Android Market

– Arabic letters are not connected

Things i like about the Tab

– Android System

– Size , it fit in a pocket ! not too huge or too small , after some typing in twitter using it , i find it harder to use my Phone

– Phone Ready , normal SIM card , not micro for easier switching between Phones

Things i don’t like about the Galaxy Tab ( other than the problem with the build )

– it has its own USB cable ( not standardized Mini or Micro ) and it didn’t charge while connected to the the laptop

– Micro SD is the only to Expand memory , wish there was normal USB for flash expansions

Big shout out to Suzani Love for a custom Bag for the Tab
( I had no bag and everywhere i went all the bags / Sleeve are 9+ inch for Ipad only )

Inside the Bag


My Trip to Gitex 2010

So i went to Dubai to attend Gitex 2010 Last , should have posted this early but got sidetracked by many things

the Government section is HUGE , UAE are going full into the Digital Age , a lot of Government ministries and agency are giving a lot of services online , with many ways

From Iphone apps

to Cooperating with RIM to give service on the Black Berry for the Government

but it is not just services , they are trying to seed the way for more advanced and knowledgeable generation ( the role our government should be playing but they aren’t )

Black Berry keynote

MicroSoft was there to tout their own products like Windows 7 and mobile 7

Microsoft keynote

on another note, to take your mind about the sad , here are some humors

Intel booth , made me want to change my Chip

Intel booth at Gitex

Razor Booth , the girls were covered the the days after

Razor booth

Saudi Arabia Gitex , someone this should be filed under False advertising

Saudi Arabia Gitex booth

Oh and i managed to get my hand on Galaxy Tab , expect a Review of it soon

AlQabas Has Exclusive information !

this may come as a shock to many people , but its seem an Arabic newspaper from Kuwait has new that would send shock waves in the whole internet


يستعد نظام تشغيل «أندرويد» الذي صممته غوغل للهواتف الخلوية، كي يصبح هو نظام التشغيل المعتمد لهواتف «آي فون» من أبل

Android Operation system that was designed by Google for mobile is gearing up to be the approved operation system for Iphone Mobiles from Apple

Very shocking ! never expected this ! and nothing was mentioned of this information on any Tech site ! kudos AlQabas for this Exclusive information , a shinning example for news reporting in Kuwait


So i was at a Friend wedding , and one of the guys there is a old blogger , and another asked him why hasn’t he posted much lately , and he told him he was on Twitter

Then we had a talk , If blog in Arabic is مدونة
What would Twitter be ?

I gave the suggestion it should be Zarzoring زرزورين
from the Kuwait Bird Zarzoor ( the bird english name is Starling )


Its Magic !

From AlRai Newspaper [Link][Arabic]

علمت «الراي» ان «وزارة الداخلية بصدد استقدام دوريات ذات رادار، قادرة على كشف المركبات المطلوبة والمركبات المنتهية التأمين دون الحاجة الى ايقاف سائق المركبة، وستستقدم هذا النوع من الدوريات من بريطانيا».
وقالت مصادر أمنية لـ «الراي» ان «ذلك النوع من الدوريات والتي يطلق عليها «الدوريات الرادارية» تحوي طبقا لاقطا على سطحها وباستطاعتها رصد المركبات التي لا تحمل تأمينا والمركبات المطلوبة المسجلة، واطلاق اشارة بذلك حال مرور المركبة بجانبها».

Alrai was informed that the Ministry of Interior are going to bring Patrol Cars with Radar that are able to detect Wanted Cars and Cars with expired insurance without the need to stop the car

Security sourced have informed Alrai that these kind of Patrol car which are Called Radar Cars
has a dish on top of it which can detect if a car is wanted or the insurance has expired and send a signal once it pass by it

A how would that work you may ask? MAGIC it seem, because I have no other idea how would it work, if we don’t install anything in the cars roaming the street, what would the dish pick up?