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something i found on the web and it was funny

Intermission Cat

i was browsing around in other blog when i saw this at
bo ghazi blog

so i knew that they are our only hope to stop the Penguin army !

So I talked with the cats, and agreed to meet one of their generals at a neutral dewaniya

Dewaniya cat

They agreed to help, and they would let me post some pictures from their camps to make us feel safer and know that if there is a power to stop the Penguins, its them.

Yes I know they are evil, but I think cats are better as our masters than penguin

More Engrish

I think people love to find Engrish , and kuwait is becoming a goldmine

This gem i got from a friend


They spelled Professional with double ‘ F ‘ and they claim its a professional Translator , such great thing 🙂

also another thank you for IDip for dedicating a
post about this topic for me 🙂