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something i found on the web and it was funny

kuwait as a superpower !

we are spying on Russia ! wow

Patrushev said his agency, which is known by its Russian acronym FSB and is the main successor to the Soviet KGB, “has prevented a series of espionage operations carried out through foreign non-governmental organizations.”

He said the groups included the Peace Corps — which pulled out of Russia in 2003 amid FSB spying allegations — as well as the British medical charity Merlin, the “Saudi Red Crescent” and a Kuwaiti group he called the Society of Social Reforms.

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cool ! do we have a 007 also ? we should do a movie like XxX

USA new secret weapon

yes , i know its unbeliveable , but these guys are going to fight for the usa

america new army

Alzarqawi , you are in deep sh*t

But it it could be an answer to saudi arabia new weapon
alwalid bin talal

edit: batman picture taken from bu maryom site ( grafika at the blog link )

geeky names ?

of course i don’t think anyone would do that here in kuwait , since it seem like everyone should the name pool in the family and try not to go out of it
most are named on his father father name or his mother father name , same goes for female names
i’m not out of that tradition

but in the USA , my god they use some truly geeky names
for example we have Optimus Prime , who serve in the national guard
and now we have Firiona Vie , named after a character from sony online game Everquest

what geeky name would you want to name your child ?