Tomorow IS the Day

Tomorow is the day that is going to change kuwait

even if the same old people get elected again its change

We Shall see if the power of youth had any effect on the election , Is there more people voting , what the woman want
Are they even voting .

Tomorow is the day that is going to change kuwait

If the same courrpt MB are voted again and new courrpt ones are added it would the end , it will take more than 10 to 20 years to get the youth moving again as we seen them in this year

Any way , tomorow i’m going to vote , i’ll Vote for someone i don’t agree with his tactics or views on most stuff , but I will vote for him for one reason , he did join the 29 movement and we need to get as much of them back as possible so it doesn’t lose its rythem .

Don’t Listen to anyone who tell you ” all is lost ” , ” they all suck ” , ” they don’t do nothing ” right now the wall is leaking , if you don’t fix it with your vote tomorow the whole dam is going to down and we all getting flooded with coruption !

Sometimes , it better to trust your self

So i went out today in the morning ( been a while since i finished my final exams ) and noticed one thing


so anyway , i went to Hawali to file some papers with the ministry of justice , and i Recall a building that was next to my old college , so i went there , when i reached it i find a billboard that says ” Hawali Traffic court ” for some reason my brain freeze ( maybe because i woke up earlier than what i was used to in the last week ) and i get doubts if thats the building i need to enter , so i call up one of my friend , he give me a Ambiguous description , i try to follow it but couldn’t, so i call another , who says he think that it is at an intersection i got there but thats the ministry of power and not justice

so i stop and pounder for a moment , then a cell started up in the brain and i was like ” why i don’t call my father Delegate ( مندوب ) i call and ask him , and he give me direction , i go there and find out it was the same building i went to in the first time

Dust off the old cameras

You are going to need it later

The prototype device, produced by a team in the Interactive and Intelligent Computing division of the Georgia Tech College of Computing (COC), uses off-the-shelf equipment – camera-mounted sensors, lighting equipment, a projector and a computer to scan for, find and neutralize digital cameras. The system works by looking for the reflectivity and shape of the image-producing sensors used in digital cameras.


I predict a lot would install it in their homes and at work

Didn’t he want to be unknown?

I could swear he wanted to blog anonymously, but it changed it seem

Ziad al-Duaij, a 41-year-old Kuwaiti communications executive, points to his “Kuwait Unplugged” blog, one of the longest-running blogs in the Gulf region, at his home in Kuwait City. Duaij is part of a new breed of of Arab activists who are increasingly using blogs to press for more political rights and civil liberties in conservative Gulf states.

[link][Yahoo AFP]

Today The world Cup begin !

today the world cup begin , and as always kuwait national team isn’t in it , are we going to see the kuwait team go to a world cup or are going to become grandfathers and tell our grandkids fantasy tales about how good the kuwait team was ? and how they went and played in the world cup ?