Google does it Again

With a Product coming from out of nowhere

Google Secure Access

I enjoy what Google is doing , i was going to Buy Trilian just to use google talk with MSN ( which has all my friends on it ) i enjoyed ICQ before , but because most of my friends moved from it i had to move to MSN ( and its many problems )

notice this part

One of our engineers recognized that secure WiFi was virtually non-existent at most locations. As a result, he used his 20% project time to begin an initiative to offer users more secure WiFi access. Google Secure Access is the result of this endeavor.

In this Time , the only way for a company to expand and grow is opening new venues , find unexploited needs

Saddly in kuwait we don’t see much change , most money is invisted either in Real Estate or Stocks and we are stuck with trickle down Trends from USA

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