rain and picture

Knowing that most people would be in the street on 25 Feb I didn’t want to go out
But then the family told me they were going to wafra at one of our relative farm
The weather was fine so I agreed

Not long after we left it started heavy raining, and I do mean heavy raining!!

highway to wafra

After a while it stopped, later we found out that it kept on raining in Kuwait city, yet it wasn’t raining as much (kind like few drops here and there) the further you went south

Any way, I want to discuss another thing, how do you people with camera take pictures!! My god I can’t even stop anywhere or walk to take a picture
Once I hold the camera to take a picture of anything people start looking at me, I see people getting there mobile and start dialing , and i have to move or the cops show up ( they did once ) .

I remember back in 1999 , It was summer training , I was stationed at Directorate General of Civil Aviation , I had to make a report , so I borrowed a digi-cam from a friend of mine
Went there, took some picture inside and the next day I got one of the student to help me take picture outside, me with the plate that has the name outside

Less than 4 minute later, airport security jeep come and take it us to interrogation, after ½ hour of interrogation they found out we just wanted to take a picture for a report (which what I said the first minute, but you know police & security), they let us out and told me to get a permit, I asked where from and nobody knows

( of course i did manage to get a picture later for the report, below is what i used )


So since I can’t do like others (cough cough mark cough) and say I’m from outside Kuwait Does anyone know where to get a permit?

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