the fad now is E-government , everyone want everything online , some make it , some don’t

of course since we in kuwait enjoy participating in fads , they started kuwait e-government
some Ministries have working functioning sites , with much help online

for example Public Authority for Civil Information have
Civil ID Enquiry Service ( of course you get more service in arabic , since its the offical language in kuwait )

saddly most Ministries have sites that only have normal information , no updated statistic , or service that they perform and give it to us online .

for example Ministry of Intertior ( again english site suck and you have to use arabic ) has no statistic so ever , you could ( for a short time , around 2 days after they opened the site ) check your tickets online , which is great , better than calling and waiting for someone to pick it up , then they removed it .
of course , knowing how stuff work in kuwait , they had it open for a few days , showed it to the Minister and select others who happen to control the contracts for renewal …etc , and afte they saw it they don’t care about it anymore and since it take resource they took it down

the first link to the e-government site could help you people working on Kuwiki so go and and write more , don’t let me and nibaq article stay lonely 🙂

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