Women Vote

Well, it’s the hot topic here at Kuwait now, and among bloggers, so I wanted to say what I think about it

Do they want it?
I know most of you would yeah! But why can’t we see it? Why aren’t they asking for it, demanding it, going to the street?

Where are the demonstrations ?
Hit the street, if you can’t vote the only way to show support is to take it to the street, big rallies, show that there is really women who want it, that’s why some say they are going to rally a lot of women (not likely)
Show them you can gather more, 1000 women is not a big rally for something this important
Get 10,000.

Victory has many fathers, defeat is an orphan
That’s a famous Arabic proverb, which is exactly what’s happening here

  • women organization: I’m sorry but in the last 10 years they didn’t do anything
  • liberal groups: they are going to claim they are the ones that did it, with their parliament majority of zero
  • Islamic brotherhood: same as liberal, but they have a bigger majority in the parliament, two.
  • hizb al ummah: they are going to claim they are the ones that did it, with their parliament majority of zero
  • salaf: as sad and as stupid they think we are, they are going to claim they are the ones that did it, while they were not for it in the first place
  • So having listed most of the ” major power ” that should claim he did it if women got to vote? In the end the government

    Do I think it’s going to make it this time?
    I’m sure it would, why? Because this time the government is trying to rally people behind the idea for women to vote, this time it’s on the TV, it wasn’t on TV in 1999
    Not to mention the backing of the government newspapers (alwatan)

    Can the government pull it?
    Why even ask? The government hold all the cards in the game, the only reason its doing it to show it self as a force for democracy in the middle east, to show that they also care about women votes, Qatar got the spotlight when they let women and men vote, why not have some of that spotlight

    Is our democracy missing?
    If you go by western standard yes its missing women vote, and to be complete women should vote
    But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there to start with!
    That’s what I hate the most
    People that say stuff like “ women vote mean democracy in Kuwait “, “ we want democracy in Kuwait! Let women vote “
    No, not having women doesn’t mean you don’t have democracy, it mean you don’t have a complete one, just like the USA, they say their democracy is 400 years old, while women were only able to vote in the last 100 of it, they didn’t discard all the years before, they are still proud of it
    women suffrage timeline

    What I think of women voting rights
    If you asked me that question 3-4 years ago I would tell you women shouldn’t vote
    Why did I think of that? For two reasons:

  • First that women aren’t ready for voting rights in Kuwait, and that our democracy is young, of course after more years talking with the voters and the new generation of voters, I see that most men aren’t ready to vote either, so why not add more people who aren’t ready to vote.
  • The second reason is that I believe that women shouldn’t take major ruling part, or as they say it in Arabic ” ولايه عامه “, but watching the parliament in the last few years made me believe that they aren’t much of a power
    To begin with.
  • So in short, if they can get their voting right, good for them, if they can’t I’m not going out burning cars for it

    good luck ladies, may Allah give you power and make you successful if you deserve it

    009.105 وَقُلِ اعْمَلُوا فَسَيَرَى اللَّهُ عَمَلَكُمْ وَرَسُولُهُ وَالْمُؤْمِنُونَ وَسَتُرَدُّونَ إِلَى عَالِمِ الْغَيْبِ وَالشَّهَادَةِ فَيُنَبِّئُكُمْ بِمَا كُنْتُمْ تَعْمَلُونَ
    009.105 And say: “Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers: Soon will ye be brought back to the knower of what is hidden and what is open: then will He show you the truth of all that ye did.”

    Al-Qur’an, 009.105 (At-Tawba [Repentance, Dispensation])

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    DivineIslam’s Qur’an Viewer software v2.9

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