Aren’t there other people who need that money more ?

Al Rai Al-Amm

if you can’t read arabic

” His highness Sheik Sabah AlAhmad Al-Sabah a Dinner party for the sons of Al-Sabah family in Bayan Palace
And he expressed his gratitude for the cooperation between the family members
Then the National Guard Leader Sheik Salem Al-Ali announced his donation of 30 million Kuwaiti dinnar for the welfare of the people inside the family (as in Al-Sabah family) to cover the period of 3 year, and the establishment of a new organization to take care of war victims families in Kuwait and that he is going to donate 10 million Kuwaiti dinnar for it ”

I think stuff like that shouldn’t be in newspaper in the first place, and he shouldn’t have talked about it!
My god, 30 million for the welfare? Is there Sabah family on welfare in the first place? And 30 million? Is your standard really that high? Lets say they are 5 thousand (and I don’t think they are)
That means each year its 10 million on 5 thousand, that’s 2000 a year per person aka 166 KD per month

Yeah that may seem little, but think about it, who doesn’t have a job in Kuwait? Most Kuwaiti’s get employed by the government in the end to appease the mass
And what I estimated the number to be include ministers and their families
And also Salem Al-Ail family.

oh well , i’ll stop before i go far and get Secret service on my ass

p.s: i used a shareware program to resize the image , thats why there is a star on His highness Sheik Sabah AlAhmad Al-Sabah

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