Fight of The TV channels

Even when a good thing happen , it has to happen in a bad way in the Arab world

TV channels fighting for rights and programs in good , thats why you get a better quality programs in the USA , and part of why NBA and NFL can pay high $$ for players , you see how much a 30 second ad on NFL final Cost ? a lot

Now here in the Arab world we imported this thing , we have channels like ART , AlJazeerah Sport , Showtime sport , Orbit and other local channels and they fight for TV rights to prodcast world sport events and league like the Italian league and English league

This should be good right ? that mean if anyone want it they have to improve rigth ?

and not only that , in the USA if for some reason ESPN lost NFL prodcast right and lets say HBO won it , what do you if you don’t have HBO ? call the cable company and ask them to HBO , problem solved

But here in Kuwait what you had to do when Abu Dhabi lost right for Italian league and Aljazeera got it ?
You had one of two choices
1- buy Aljazeerah Card
2- Buy Art Card and Add Aljazeerah on it

and since the world cup was coming i went with two and paid for a 6 month in advance for both channels ( ART made you pay 6 month in advance for world cup )

And you what happened 2 month later ( and before Italian league start ) ? Art sent me an SMS telling me that Aljazeerah are no longer with them and i can use the money i payed for Aljazeerah for months I’m not getting on another ART channel or make it a down payment for more months with art sport ! i still didn’t do that , the phone there does answer and its a hell of drive there ( and parking is hell )

Then they publish an AD in the newspaper that if you want Aljazeerah you can get it free with Showtimes , 2 weeks later Showtimes middle East ( the on in Dubai ) call and ask if i have any problem , i tell them yeah i didn’t get ALjazeerah Sport
he tell me i have to upgrade to Movie Package ( i have Sport Package and no ALjazeerah sport , oh the irony )
of course i didn’t , i don’t watch TV that much and Showtimes movies are going to Waste
( if it wasn’t for my father watching Discovery and my brother watching sitcoms sometimes i would have canceled it long ago )

So now I’m left with getting Aljazeerah Card , I’ll End up with AlJazeerah Card and ART sport Card

Now report are saying that Art Sport aren’t going to cover English League , great just great

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