The Contender

new show on NPC and coming to One TV ( on nile sat )

The Contender

the show is hosted by Sly and Sugar Ray Leonard

its a show about boxing , it has 12 young boxer all trying to get to the final and win a 1,000,000 dollar prize and a change to face the title holder , and in each episode 2 fighters fight for who stay on the show

till now i saw 3 episodes , with the forth just out on the USA and i’m going to watch it soon

one thing that intersted me in the show is that it has 2 boxer who are of Lebanese descent
Ahmad ” baby face ” khaddour and Tarick ” Arabian Prince ” Salmaci

of course i saw 3 episode , i’m not going to spoil them for you ( its hard not to 😛 ) but if you ask me , the show is nice and fun if you enjoy staged boxing

of coruse try not to follow news about the show till you watch episode 4 , since there is a news story that would spoil the episode for you

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