AlJarida newspaper have a picture of the Decision of the Ministry of mis-Communication ( i think we have a problem with ministries that try to destroy stuff they are supposed to watch )

The major problem here is the Way most of our government stogies think
” الباب الى إييك منه ريح ، سده و استريح ”
close the door that let air in and be done with it

Every thing in the world has dual usage , you can get information and you can get bad stuff
YouTube , Internet , DVD , the list would be endless

Two things to notice in this Letter sent by the Ministry of mis-Communication
1- it was sent by the head of the phone tapping department
2- the Legal reasons are two Ministry Decrees 103/2000 , and 70/2003
and by reviewing the list of ministers from Kuwait Political Data base [Link]
We find the Minister responsible was Ahmad Abdallah al-Ahmad Al Sabah


which bring us to another problem with Government works
No information , for starters , what is the knowledge of that phone tapping guy about the internet ? what is in those two Decrees ?
We don’t have any information and the one to blame is the Ministry of Misinformation

So yes Ministry of miss-Communication , we want our Youtube

*picture from kuna Site

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