Is comedy a dieing art in kuwait ?

So I was watching the late night show special about Johnny Carson , and they were talking about how good he was and how he let small time comedian star on his show to give them a jump start
Some of the funniest comedians we see today were just stand up comedians before

young Jay leno !
Eddi murphy
jerry seinfeld

All of them were just standup comedian, then they climbed the ladder and have comedian writers writing materials for them (it doesn’t deny the fact that they them self are funny)

or have you seen “Last comic standing” it was a reality show were each stand up comedian is given a chance and then people vote who is the best ( a la Star academy )

I think we would need these programs more than programs that search for singers, my god singers are dime a dozen these days, ever seen the music channels on Nilesat or Arabsat? I’m sure we have more than America!!

But do we have the funny? Watch a Kuwaiti play lately? No there isn’t much funny in it, and the best they can come up with is taking shots at the other actors (شفت ويهيك ؟ تقول غاسلينه بتايد) and other sad similar joke

And that is why a funny show in Arab world can’t be a funny show for more than 2-3 years
Dawod hussain has lost his touch after 3 years of funny programs, the Saudi show tash ma tash is asking for writers submission since the 7th year, and since 4th year they have been hit and miss, with more miss than hit episode every year , yasser al athama Syrian show “maraya “was funny first two years, , then it died in the third year and so on and so forth, and lets not start on Egyptians.

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