American Dad

It’s a new show on fox TV, first episode aired after the Super Bowl
I saw the first episode; it’s funny, yet not as funny as
Family Guy, Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2)

Any way, the cartoon is about an American family
Yeah I know, duh
Anyway, the father work in the CIA and a republican, the mother is a housewife, and they have two children, a liberal daughter and a nerd son, they also have a pet golden fish, which has the brain of a German! (The CIA didn’t want East Germany to win the gold medal so they switched brains), and an alien

The show is kind of heavy on political humor , one of the funny jokes the show had
Was that god was calling bush and telling him to downplay the relationship , as in saying “ god wanted me to be president “

god calling bush !
The show is from the same creator as family guy , as you can notice in the drawing style

the show is worth it to see , i would recomend you watch it if you enjoy political humor

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