So I bought a chromecast



And i cost 35$

So what you get for 35$ ?


From left to right , micro USB cable , HDMI extender , Chromecast , power adapter


As you can see , you can either connect it using USB or the power adapter , I went with the USB


Next you need to install chromecast app , and this happened

Couple minutes on VPN as and it was installed , ran setup and it running fine

What can it do ?

So far there are three app that are connected to it
YouTube , Netflix , Google play movies

You pick the YouTube / Netflix /movie in you mobile or laptop and send it to the chromecaster which would stream it , not from you but from the internet

Pro’s :
* cheap ( 35$ cheaper than most other TV adapters )
* You can queue videos to play one after the other

Con’s :
* its built for american market , either you use VPN or you miss out
* doesn’t play videos or picture’s from your mobile
* There is master or lock Down , if you have the app on your mobile , you can add and remove video’s so you have four clients setup for the chromecaster ? ANARCHY !!

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