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Mofa Blunder or is it ?

(Dual languge post for importance of the topic )

While browsing i saw this
اليوم و انا اتصفح شفت الخبر التالي
From Alaan [Link][Arabic]

قال مدير عام المعهد الدبلوماسي في وزارة الخارجية السفير عبد العزيز الشارخ ان نتائج اختبار المتقدمين للعمل بالوزارة سيتم الاعلان عنها صباح غد الخميس عبر الموقع الالكتروني للوزارة على شبكة الانترنت
واضاف السفير الشارخ في تصريح لوكالة الانباء الكويتية (كونا) اليوم انه يمكن للمتقدم للعمل بالوزارة ان يعرف نتيجته بعد ان يقوم بادخال رقم بطاقته المدنية في المكان المخصص لذلك على الموقع المشار اليه اعلاه.

The General Manager of the Diplomatic institute in the Ministry of foreign affair said that the results of the Diplomats is going to be published online on the ministry website

So i wanted to check it, i go to Mofa Site
and click the link on the corner , and where it take me ?

طبا اكيد ابي اشوف شلون حاطينها ، بعد ما ضغطت علي الرابط بالزاويه وين وداني ؟

Wait a minute , what is this Sell11 ?

لحظه لحظه ! شنو هالموقع ؟

ITS A CAR SELLING SITE , really Mofa , your diplomat information at a car selling site ?

حراج!!موقع حراج سيارات ؟
خلصت المواقع ياوزاره الخارجيه حاطين بيانات الدبلوماسيين علي الحراج ؟

This has only one , and one meaning , the guy who published it in the minsitry own the other site , and wanted the Traffic

هذا معناه شيء واحد ، الشخص الذي كلف بنشر المعلومات يملك موقع الحراج و اراد ان يرفع عدد زوار موقعه

What a Shame

Comment siphoning

I think we have a problem with online etiquette here in Kuwait

Okay so you read a topic you liked in another blog, you comment on it and post part of it in your site / blog that is fine and great

But reposting the full article even with a link and just opening comments is quite rude
And its get insulting when a major newspaper site does it

Alwatan (even in a good gesture thing they manage to make it evil, really diabolical)

this article is just a copy paste from another blog ( which they linked in the headline )


but they still left comments open , if they had online etiquette or even some common sense , they would have closed comments and made people comment at the original article , so the writer can know what others said about his article , not search around the internet to see who said what about what he is thinking

And make the link clickable

Professionalism ? Out of the Window

What happened to Kuwait ? stuff happen that i could have accepted 5 years ago happen now ? something trivial like
linking to pictures hosted at other sites is so 1999 , but now in the year 2010 this is unacceptable

so when i see in my Referrer Report for my site something like


opening the page

I was wondering what is linked from my page there , its is after all the official site for Kuwait University , the first instutte to get internet in Kuwait and arguably in the gulf

Checking the pictures i found this


Really ? Kuwait University DO not have a picture of a teacher and wouldn’t even bother to host the picture at least !!

Richelieu In Kuwait

Cardinal Richelieu for those who do not know him, was the villain in the three musketeer story and film

But that is not the Richelieu I want to talk about, it’s the Richelieu Award that was supposedly awarded to the Prime minister and published in many newspapers (including the official Kuwait news agency[Link])

So I was wondering, what is the Richelieu Medal, I never heard of it before, so what I do when I have something I have no prior knowledge of? Of course I got to Google

And at Google it seem I can’t find any results of Richelieu Medal other than KUWAITI SITES

search results

search results

Who won this award before him? I can’t find any answers
Is this award fake?

Let’s see some other fact that support that this is a hoax

The university that supposedly giving the award is the same University Kuwait signed an agreement to sponsor programs at that University [Link][Arabic]

The same professor in the news who is presenting the award is a guest at a lot of Conferences in Kuwait Like this one [link][Arabic but names in english ]

And what other stuff that Professor worked on?

Model UNESCO, and who are the student running this model UNESCO?
Two Kuwaiti students (too much Kuwaitis here it seem)

And if you are wondering where you read these two students names, one of them was mention before in two other Kuwaiti blogs ( The Student has appeared in official business without having any known authority other than personal relations )

Ajel [link] [Arabic] Helm Jameel [link] [Arabic]

You be the judge

الكاردينال ريشيليو بالنسبة لأولئك الذين لا يعرفونه ، كان الشرير في قصه و فيلم الفرسان الثلاثة

ولكن ليس هذا هو ريشيليو أريد أن أتحدث عنه و إنما ميدالية ريشيليو و التي قيل انه تم منحها لرئيس الوزراء والتي نشرت في العديد من الصحف (بما في ذلك وكالة الانباء الكويتية الرسمية (كونا)

ولذلك كنت أتساءل ، ما هي وسام ريشيليو ، وأنا لم اسمع به من قبل ، وذلك ما أقوم به عندما يكون لدي شيء ليس لدي أي علم مسبق؟ طبعا أنا استخدمت جوجل

و لكن غير موجود في جوجل و النتائج الوحيدة هي الخبر من المواقع الكويتية

من فاز بها من قبل ؟ لا نعلم
هل هي وهميه ؟

لنري بعض الحقائق و التي تدعم فرضيه أنها خدعه

الجامعة التي من المفترض أن تمنح الجائزة هي نفس الجامعة التي وقعت الكويت معها اتفاقا لتقديم برامج

الأستاذ الذي سيقدم الجائزة هو ضيف لعده مؤتمرات في الكويت مثل

و الاستاذ عمل علي نموذج اليونسكو و المشاركين به طالبين كويتيين

احد هذه الاسماء صار عليه كلام من اول شوف مدونات مثل
[حلم جميل]

و لكم الحكم