An Elitist for a Day

So i was called an Elitist by a fellow Kuwaiti Blogger*

After thinking about it for quite some while i decided to act it for a day , and see what happen
after careful planning ( a.K.A spur of the moment ) i decided to run it on Monday ( yesterday ) first i woke up and ate breakfast at caribou coffee , then after meeting with couple of people ( from an English speaking university because that what elitist do i was told )
I went for lunch at maki in Avenue mall ( nothing says elitist as eating raw fish and paying for them more than you would pay for a cooked fish at other restaurants )

Well that was the easy part , now i need some elitist night activity , what to do , what to do ,, then i found it



( for you who do not read Arabic , its a Lecture about the future of Civil society in Kuwait after the election, and it was organized by a student group running for election for the Kuwait national student association USA branch ( civil + USA = elite for sure ) .

I went there ,

and saw couple of poeple like Ahmad Alkateeb and Amer Alzuhair ( which i assume would make me a nationalist وطنى & elitist as well )

if you want to read some major points about it i posted some on another blog [Arabic][5-q8]
I may upload some videos later

* if you to see what he said read this ,, its in Arabic
( which i may get to translate it later )

P.S: i didn’t forget the tag bojacob / G ,and Q80-Chill Girl I’ll get to it tomorrow

Strange Dream

I got a strange dream , and sometimes the only way for me to stop thinking of it is to post it ( as i did before )

So the dream start as i enter my old work place , its a government organizations , i got up the elevator up and go to the floor where my department is located , and once i enter i find a man that resemble a Co-worker ( not in same department ) this guy ( I’ll call him Mohamed )
he is a naggy kind of guy , he doesn’t stop bothering you till you finish what he want ,, anyway , Mohamed is complaining he can’t find his paper and the manager tell him thats its at our old storage area , and he ask the manager how to get there , and the manager tell him that he can’t go there unless an employee accompany him there , and no is free , he leave complaining and angry .

not seconds after he leave the corridor The Kuwaiti Parliament member Ahmad Alsaadon Enter the department and ask for some papers and the manger sigh and says its in the old storage area , so Alsaadon says where it is , and the manager tell him at at a school ( which is strange because our storage area isn’t in a school but in Sulibiya with other government warehouses ) and tell him you need an employee to accompany him there , he turn and look at me and tell why don’t you accompany him there ! , and I’m kinda flabbergasted of the request
so i agree and i go with Alsaadon ( who doesn’t say hi or anything and just go ) then we get to his car , and its a jeep Cherokee ( why i don’t know ) so when i ride in his jeep ( i ride shotgun ) before he move his car i see Mohamed ( the guy from before ) and i tell Alsaadon we should take that guy with us because he is going to the same place , he look at me and the dream end,

No idea what is it about ..


* too much been going on , Election have ended which was Kinda something new , too much activity on the net this time , from ads to smear campaigns .

* I was on a play in University , the prof said it was great , but the general feeling among most actors ( that were in the play ) is that of major suckage , but that what you get for doing a play with 1 full rehearsal

* Exams Exams and more Exams , finals are drawing near , which would mean less blogging for also for a while :p

* I got attacked by some bloggers , its great to see how some people view you and make up shit as they go for the sake of attacking , but o well ,, typical Kuwait life i guess .

* I believe i have became a gadget junkie , just looking at my office in my room reveal too many things ,, ( why the hell i have a boxed CD Walkman ?!?!? ).

* Exzombie is a gossip girl , i have no idea why he had to post that i talk with him on skype , like we need to give ideas to people.

* I have ordered many books ( some are online comics reprints ) from Amazon , and i hope they get to kuwait by the time i finish my exams , and i do hope it doesn’t get stopped by the customs ( as always ) .

* I can never understand some people , why write full paragraph in Arabic l77t ? ( Arabic using English words and numbers ) i used to use that but only in 3 places ,, ICQ , Mirc and Msn messenger aka instant chat programs , why write it in message boards / forms / blogs ? either write in Arabic with Arabic letters or write in English with English letters .

* speaking of random stuff , does this logo look like a middle finger ?


Kuwait Election : Failure of Political Trends

If there is something that we can understand from this Election is that all political trends have failed in the Election

Now you can say that for example Salaf have increased their seat count , but thats not the area where i think all parties failed

What i speak of is going into the election as a party with similar or identical ideology or mentality

Let me explain my point here by giving couple of examples

In the second district , Khalid Sultan bin Essa is representing Salaf and was the Salaf candidate together with Abdullatif AlAmeeri
both won , but lets see their numbers [ number taken from Alrai Site ]

Khalid Sultan bin Essa third place with 8687 votes ( خالد السلطان )
Abdullatif AlAmeeri eights place with 5361 votes ( عبداللطيف العميرى )
aka there is 3326 vote deference that would mean there are over 38% of Khalid Sultan bin Essa voters who do not believe in his partner !!
( who was chosen whom he share the same ideology and mentality )

we notice the same thing with Democratic Alliance
Mohamed AlSager 6266 ( محمد الصقر )
Mohamed AlAbdulljader 3636 ( محمد العبدالجادر )
there is a 2630 deference that would mean there are over 41% of the people who voted for Mohamed AlSager didn’t vote for Mohamed AlAbdulljader ! ( who supposedly share the same ideology and mentality with )

Same thing with the Islamic Constitutional Movement ( Muslim brotherhood )
Jama’an AlHarbish 6496 votes (جمعان الحربش )
i couldn’t get the official numbers for Dua’j AlShamari ( دعيج الشمرى ) but i assume he got less than the guy at number 10 spot we lets assume he got 3600
that would mean there is at least 2896 vote deference between them and they are from the same party / movement

Well i do hope this serve as a wake up call for political trends and go back to politic 101 else our democracy wouldn’t evolve

( cross posted from my post at 5-q8 election blog [Arabic] ]

Thank You All , BBC edit its article about Kuwait

after i asked you blog readers and others to contact BBC about their article it paid off
The past paragraph

Excluded from the ballot were foreign expatriates, who make up the majority of Kuwait’s 2.9-million population, and military personnel.

The edited version

The majority of Kuwait’s 2.9-million population is made up of expatriates, who do not have a vote. Military personnel are also ineligible to cast ballots.

and i got this E-mail from the BBC

Dear Sir
The main import of the paragraph you draw attention to is that the
majority of people in Kuwait are expatriates; not to make a point that
expatriates are not allowed to vote, which – as you point out – is a
perfectly normal condition.

Best regards,
BBC News website

Again thats thanks for the help for Your Help for Kuwait