Kuwait Election : Someone has to Rain on our Parade .. ( BBC )

As i said in a past post ( on the collaboration blog 5-q8 ) the act of voting is a victory for democracy

But as always , someone has to come and Rain on our Parade
BBC posted news about the Kuwaiti Elections and this part really piss me off

Excluded from the ballot were foreign expatriates, who make up the majority of Kuwait’s 2.9-million population, and military personnel.

Excuse me ? why did they go out of their Way to point out that Expatriates do not Vote , What country does let Expatriates Vote in their Election ? do England do it ? The guardian List foreigners workers at over 2 million , did they vote on the last parliament Election in England ? i don’t think so , else there would have been at least couple of polish parliament members in the English parliament

Do Foreigners vote in US Election ? as far as i know till they get the nationality their vote is not counted else there would have been larger number of Hispanic in congress ?

I advice you all to contact the BBC using this Form

just write something in Comments like this

It is obnoxious and appalling that you talk about expatriate as not voting in the Kuwaiti Election when it is a none issue as no country in the world allow Expatriate to vote unless they are nationalized , was this point mentioned when reporting the latest election in England or the presidential race in United State of America ? or was this point specially raised to paint the Kuwaiti Election with negative image ?

or any comments about the story that come to your mind

and post the URL of the story Above

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* Just saw the interview on Alrai TV with two Bloggers , one big disaster … clearly there is a schism in blogger community , and i have no idea how to repair it ..
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* Using a 32Inch LCD TV as a PC monitor wasn’t a good idea

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