Who write these captions ?!?

Its Clear that newspapers pick up random pictures out of thin air and insert any random caption on it , there is no other explanation for it

AlQabas did it before [Link]

Well now Alwatan go for it with the random naming


In arabic
” هيلارى كلنتون تقوم بأداء مشهد كوميدى لدى ظهورها ببرنامج محلى بولايه فيلادلفيا امس ”

ُEnglish Translation
” Hillary Clinton perform a comedic act while appearing on a local program in state of Philadelphia yesterday ”

First of all , Philadelphia is a city , the state is Pennsylvania

Second : local program ? its the freaking Colbert Report , how the hell can they call it local Show , its huge in the USA and its not a local Pennsylvania show anyway

Do we need to be put on notice ?

When the government make your wish you don’t like it ?

Who wasn’t heard this or some of its variations ?
” We want to be like the UAE ”

I’m totally sick of it , i hear it a lot , why not the USA ? or Japan ?

Well now we do something like the UAE and people are complaining

When the Ministry of Interior said they will deport expatriate that violate red traffic , there was blog posts complaining , news article ..etc

But wait , do you think we started this first ?


khaleeji time Online has this news [link]

ABU DHABI — The Minister of Interior can order deportation of expatriate violators of the new federal traffic law and the black points system that came into effect yesterday, a senior official has clarified.

The deportation as a penalty for some cases of violation has been incorporated in the amended law on the instructions of Lt-Gen. Shaikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interior.

and yes thats federal , so even Dubai expatriate can be deported

So we are like UAE , be happy


K.theKuwaiti claim he know who got the blog posted at yabeela check it here

Something else i want to talk about

I was checking the other blogs today , whats with the Hate ?
First of all , the list is no ordered , there is no number one spot

Second , why some many people have problem if it was ordered ?

just a small sample of what i found on other blogs

بدون مجاملة مفروض انت الأول

You should be the 1st and not Forza

Whats with all that ? i don’t know how to explain it ….