Arabic Apprentice

Well, everyone was bombarded with ads about the Arabic version of the Apprentice
With Mohammed Ali Alabbar, I’m sure a lot would say who? Since the original version in American is hosted by Donald Trump ranking 205 of the richest men on earth with 2.5 billion

I have seen some episode of the Apprentice , and I think that the thing that pull people to watch is that the host is known , not only is he a billionaire , he is a famous one , why couldn’t they do the same with the Arabic version .

not only the guy isn’t rich ( which in the end how people know you made it in business ) but he was for the longest time of his age a government worker , and in every place , the government isn’t the best place for business minds

They could have gone with people who are self made , and forbs list is full of them
Like Mohamed A Al-Bahar , Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud , Saleh Kamel or Khalaf Al Habtoor

You know, having made it big make you more believable to the people, ask you self this
Who would you take for stock advice, me or Jassim Al-Bahar.

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