USA Election 2008 Whoever wins , we lose

Its kinda funny to see people supporting Obama or McCain in Kuwait

Some are using argument that one of them is better than the other , some are still connected to the republican party ( by feeling of gratitude for Bush Sr part in liberation of Kuwait )
some liberals are still liberal , want to support all librals around the world ( just like communist back in the day or as the old joke says , we support all revolution and even the revolution on the Bounty )

In Fact both are Bad for Kuwait , for many reasons
I’ll just list one for each ( to be bipartisan )

Obama main Focus in Clean Energy and renewable energy , do you know where over 90% of our GDP comes from ? yeah the thing he want to get rid off

McCain is more focused on national security , and what the next threat to the USA ? Iran , which country is closer to Iran and its nuclear plants ? , Kuwait

and sadly our government is not equipped to combat any of these scenarios
when one parliament member is able to shack things up and shows that they couldn’t even build a defense infront of a lone member ( who isn’t covered by a tribe or sect or political party )

some Arabic Links about the Parliment member Enter-Q8 here and Exzombie here

Am I asking for too much?

* When I ask why the Support at our Government workplace doesn’t have User name / passwords so they can check my complaints and not ask for mine each time Am I asking for too much?

* When I ask that an employee to know his Civil ID number Am I asking for too much?

* When I ask that a Female employee give me an ID when she ask for a paper (with personal information) because she is wearing Veil (نقاب) Am I asking for too much?

* When ask the employee to wait a minute since I’m holding a phone and typing on the pc at the same time Am I asking for too much?

* When I ask the help desk to update IE6 to IE7 or install Firefox Am I asking for too much?

* When I ask my fellow female employee to not laugh out loud at the morning
(Didn’t do it yet, but they are pushing me into it) Am I asking for too much?

* When I ask you to read the detailed memo I wrote so you understand the full scope of the problem and not come ask me about it Am I asking for too much?

The Sky is Falling


So right now Gulf Bank of Kuwait is facing what most would call a stampede , a lot of people are running off to withdraw money

Unless the Central bank of Kuwait show that they are Moving to protect the people , the stampede isn’t going to stop

Same thing happen in 1985 to another local bank , Kuwait Finance House , and it nearly collapsed

The bad news , the news about the bank is going to drag the Kuwait Stock Exchange further down , the good news , i got out of KSE a year ago :p

The Internet is going Down !

Well the Moc is going to change phones and shut down all land lines , which i assume my ADSL is going offline for some time.

I have one thing to say

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I’m half crazy all for the love of you. It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage. But you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.