Kuwait Is Watching Blogs

Or that’s what Alwatan newspaper is saying that the Minister of Miss-communication is saying [link][Arabic]

AlWatan for those that do not follow Kuwait local newspaper , is basically anti-blogs for some reasons

I would say AlWatan is the Worst Newspaper in Kuwait reporting wise but it is kinda hard to know who is worse in news reporting in Kuwait , its like watching pigs and wondering which is less ugly than the other

For example i dislike the way Alwatan write its news , for some reason a news report must have something not connected to it at all
like the report about blog spying for some strange and unexplained reason they have attached the news that there is 1800 cases relating to the banking loans the Ministry of Justice is looking at now , what connection it has to the thing about Internet Censorship ? nothing , why not write it in another Box ? do they have limited number of box’s and they can’t add extra ?

Another thing you will see if you Read the same issue of Alwatan , is that Mohammad al-Sager ( Kuwaiti Parliament member ) car was stuck in the sand

okay ?

And ?

No really is that first page material ? nothing else to put on First page ?
I could understand the last page or the funny section but first page ? come on , really ?

Sadly in the end , most newspaper suck , can’t seem to find a good one yet

Wussy News Reporting

It amaze me sometimes how newspapers report the news in kuwait

Second day of Eid a fight broke out in The Avenues mall
everyone heard of it , either from blogs [Link][Arabic]
or from newspaper [Link][Arabic]

And all mention a fight in Avenues mall

All but one …

So do they say ?

مشاجرة شبابية
استنفرت الاجهزة الأمنية في محافظة العاصمة فور تلقيها بلاغا عن نشوب مشاجرة بين عدد كبير من المراهقين داخل احد المجمعات الشهيرة في منطقة الري مساء امس.
وقال مصدر امني انه وفور تلقي البلاغ توجهت الدوريات الامنية ورجال الطوارئ الطبية الى المجمع، لافتا الى ان رجال الامن تمكنوا من القاء القبض على عدد من الشباب المتشاجرين وإحالتهم الى مخفر الاندلس، مشيرا الى ان هناك خسائر مادية لحقت ببعض المحلات التجارية جراء اتلاف واجهاتها.

received a report on a fight between a large number of teenagers inside a famous Mall in AlRai District

i want to read newspaper reporting on the news , not hint , else i would buy a Mystery book

New Zain TV ad

With the help of a Secret insider , i was able to obtain the new Zain TV ad

as you can see , its the same ideas from their Ramadan Ads , no creativity what so ever
you would think they would try to deliver a message but no , i don’t know why they don’t try harder


AlJarida newspaper have a picture of the Decision of the Ministry of mis-Communication ( i think we have a problem with ministries that try to destroy stuff they are supposed to watch )

The major problem here is the Way most of our government stogies think
” الباب الى إييك منه ريح ، سده و استريح ”
close the door that let air in and be done with it

Every thing in the world has dual usage , you can get information and you can get bad stuff
YouTube , Internet , DVD , the list would be endless

Two things to notice in this Letter sent by the Ministry of mis-Communication
1- it was sent by the head of the phone tapping department
2- the Legal reasons are two Ministry Decrees 103/2000 , and 70/2003
and by reviewing the list of ministers from Kuwait Political Data base [Link]
We find the Minister responsible was Ahmad Abdallah al-Ahmad Al Sabah


which bring us to another problem with Government works
No information , for starters , what is the knowledge of that phone tapping guy about the internet ? what is in those two Decrees ?
We don’t have any information and the one to blame is the Ministry of Misinformation

So yes Ministry of miss-Communication , we want our Youtube

*picture from kuna Site

Oh Sweet tooth

yesterday i had a carving , i wanted something sweet
and i had 3 options

1- hang out with some kids and do girgeeaan ( قرقيعان ) with them

2- Run over some kids and take their girgeeaan ( قرقيعان )

3- go to the Co-op

you will be happy to know i went with option number 3