Kuwait Internet Cap , or Why it is not as innocent as it looks

If you wondering what the Cap , then you should check Q8Cap Site to tell you better about it

Now I Believe that The current Hike in prices is an agreed on thing not only between ISP , but between ISP and The Ministry of Communication
Why you may ask ?

Because Back in 2007 , the MOC raised the price of Cable Usage for the ISP , 4 years ago , yet internet Subscription prices went down year after year
now The ISP raised the prices , and the reason most of them gave was the MOC prices

Ask your self this , if the problem was the price increase , why wait from 2007 till now to raise the price ? why did it go down in the first place in 2007 , 2008 , 2009 ?

Also Another Thing that the Companies keep on saying
They say we can’t do anything to MOC , really we going that way ?
lets take one of the companies as an example


What names on the company as partners ?

Khalid Ali Alghanim ( Listed as General Manager )
( son of the Head of the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce )
Shiekah AlBahar ( Listed as a Partner )
( CEO of National Bank of Kuwait )
Marzouq AlGhanim ( Listed as a Partner )
( Parliament Member for over 3 terms )

among others

Clearly the company isn’t run by unknown people , or immigrants
so when they say they can’t talk to the Minister they are just making up excuses

When the companies say they don’t have a voice , they are also thinking that we are dumb or forget
Back in August 1999 , AlRai newspaper ran a big campaign to expose the MOC as corrupt , because KEMS was getting favors Qualitynet and Fasttelco didn’t get back then

that campaign ended with the Under-Secretary back then , out of the ministry !

Now we have established two thing

1- The companies aren’t weak
2- They don’t lack the voice

Now you need to ask your self , why are they doing this now ?

The Right answer In my opinion is because its an agreement between them and MOC , they pressure US the USERS , we pressure the MOC , the MOC reduce the Prices ( set in 2007 ) and they all win

If you ask why they do that and not just get the MOC to reduce the price , You forgot Kuwait politics , The MOC want something to defend it self , because if they reduce the price because the companies asked , they will face a backlash from parliament members , but now they can claim it was the people that demanded it

Internet ? Why think of it!

So we have a new newspaper in kuwait
” ALKUWAITIAH  الكويتية “
Which may sound good and all , after all we are up to number 14 right now
But the guys who picked out the name clearly have not thought of the internet at all
Why you ask ? Very easy
Search for it name in google ,

ah yes you are using a description ( the nationality ) as a name of your newspaper , if i search for
” جريده كويتيه ”
name on google i’ll get the others first , not them because they are all kuwaiti newspaper  !!

Brilliant as always

Oh yeah only in Islam

There seem to be a lot of people who keep saying there is a problem with Muslims

Like Why wouldn’t they want to show female pictures ?

Or Why would they protest if someone used a picture of someone holy to them in an inappropriate matter

Or even the sick things like Celebrating in the street for people getting killed

Why it is only Muslims that do these stuff ? WHY ?

Mofa Blunder or is it ?

(Dual languge post for importance of the topic )

While browsing i saw this
اليوم و انا اتصفح شفت الخبر التالي
From Alaan [Link][Arabic]

قال مدير عام المعهد الدبلوماسي في وزارة الخارجية السفير عبد العزيز الشارخ ان نتائج اختبار المتقدمين للعمل بالوزارة سيتم الاعلان عنها صباح غد الخميس عبر الموقع الالكتروني للوزارة على شبكة الانترنت www.mofa.gov.kw.
واضاف السفير الشارخ في تصريح لوكالة الانباء الكويتية (كونا) اليوم انه يمكن للمتقدم للعمل بالوزارة ان يعرف نتيجته بعد ان يقوم بادخال رقم بطاقته المدنية في المكان المخصص لذلك على الموقع المشار اليه اعلاه.

The General Manager of the Diplomatic institute in the Ministry of foreign affair said that the results of the Diplomats is going to be published online on the ministry website

So i wanted to check it, i go to Mofa Site
and click the link on the corner , and where it take me ?

طبا اكيد ابي اشوف شلون حاطينها ، بعد ما ضغطت علي الرابط بالزاويه وين وداني ؟


Wait a minute , what is this Sell11 ?

لحظه لحظه ! شنو هالموقع ؟

ITS A CAR SELLING SITE , really Mofa , your diplomat information at a car selling site ?

حراج!!موقع حراج سيارات ؟
خلصت المواقع ياوزاره الخارجيه حاطين بيانات الدبلوماسيين علي الحراج ؟

This has only one , and one meaning , the guy who published it in the minsitry own the other site , and wanted the Traffic

هذا معناه شيء واحد ، الشخص الذي كلف بنشر المعلومات يملك موقع الحراج و اراد ان يرفع عدد زوار موقعه

What a Shame

A positive in a sea of Negative

With all the negative news here and there , Sometimes you see a positive thing

From Alanba [Link][Arabic]

برفض اتحاد الكرة توفير حكام لهذه المباراة بسبب اعتداء لاعب النصر احمد عباس على الحكم وليد الشطي في المباراة الودية السابقة للنصر مع العربي، وطالب اتحاد الكرة باستبعاد عباس من المباراة حتى يتم توفير حكام لهذه المواجهة إلا ان النصر رفض الطلب بحجة أن ادارة الـــنادي هي المســــؤولة عن إيقاف اللاعب مــــن عدمه وبناء عليه رفضت لجنة الحكام في اتحاد الكرة توفير الحكام.

The Football Federation refused to provide referees for the friendly game because Al-Naser ( Saudi Arabia ) player Ahmad Abbas attacked The Referee Waleed AlShati in the Past game between Al-Naser ( Saudi Arabia ) And Al-Arabi ( Kuwait ) , The Federation asked that the Player not play the game , and When Al-Naser refused The Federation Refused to provide Referees

Wow a place that actually care about its employee , a positive thing in Kuwait …