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Arabic Apprentice

Well, everyone was bombarded with ads about the Arabic version of the Apprentice
With Mohammed Ali Alabbar, I’m sure a lot would say who? Since the original version in American is hosted by Donald Trump ranking 205 of the richest men on earth with 2.5 billion

I have seen some episode of the Apprentice , and I think that the thing that pull people to watch is that the host is known , not only is he a billionaire , he is a famous one , why couldn’t they do the same with the Arabic version .

not only the guy isn’t rich ( which in the end how people know you made it in business ) but he was for the longest time of his age a government worker , and in every place , the government isn’t the best place for business minds

They could have gone with people who are self made , and forbs list is full of them
Like Mohamed A Al-Bahar , Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud , Saleh Kamel or Khalaf Al Habtoor

You know, having made it big make you more believable to the people, ask you self this
Who would you take for stock advice, me or Jassim Al-Bahar.

The Contender

new show on NPC and coming to One TV ( on nile sat )

The Contender

the show is hosted by Sly and Sugar Ray Leonard

its a show about boxing , it has 12 young boxer all trying to get to the final and win a 1,000,000 dollar prize and a change to face the title holder , and in each episode 2 fighters fight for who stay on the show

till now i saw 3 episodes , with the forth just out on the USA and i’m going to watch it soon

one thing that intersted me in the show is that it has 2 boxer who are of Lebanese descent
Ahmad ” baby face ” khaddour and Tarick ” Arabian Prince ” Salmaci

of course i saw 3 episode , i’m not going to spoil them for you ( its hard not to 😛 ) but if you ask me , the show is nice and fun if you enjoy staged boxing

of coruse try not to follow news about the show till you watch episode 4 , since there is a news story that would spoil the episode for you

American Dad

It’s a new show on fox TV, first episode aired after the Super Bowl
I saw the first episode; it’s funny, yet not as funny as
Family Guy, Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2)

Any way, the cartoon is about an American family
Yeah I know, duh
Anyway, the father work in the CIA and a republican, the mother is a housewife, and they have two children, a liberal daughter and a nerd son, they also have a pet golden fish, which has the brain of a German! (The CIA didn’t want East Germany to win the gold medal so they switched brains), and an alien

The show is kind of heavy on political humor , one of the funny jokes the show had
Was that god was calling bush and telling him to downplay the relationship , as in saying “ god wanted me to be president “

god calling bush !
The show is from the same creator as family guy , as you can notice in the drawing style

the show is worth it to see , i would recomend you watch it if you enjoy political humor